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Smartbox - Smart Solution for Free To Guest (FTG) and MDU Bulk Properties

Rack VS Smartbox

Game-Changing Technology

Commercial installations are complex. Traditional headend systems require racks of equipment, hundreds of cables, multiple switches and various third-party components. Cobbling these parts together takes days of work and, sometimes, results in inconsistent quality. Plus, property owners must go to the expense of providing a climate-controlled room for such systems.

Enter smartbox, a ground-breaking new product with the ability to deliver flexibility, energy efficiency and reliability from a single platform.

Key Benefits

The days of complex commercial installation and maintenance are over because smartbox:


smartbox is designed to be a revolutionary product for use in bulk video distribution applications. However, smartbox is much more than a commercial satellite receiver; it is a highly integrated video distribution platform. Not only is smartbox designed from the ground up to operate continuously, it is designed to be highly flexible by providing multiple operating modes that can be enabled simultaneously.

Three functional concepts are important to understanding smartbox:

  • Signal reception – smartbox uses a single common set of assets to receive DISH satellite signals. The Satellite Receiver Blades then send TV channels or transponders to the backplane in the chassis for distribution by one or more Signal Output Blades.
  • Signal output – multiple options for video output are available and can be configured in any combination because smartbox architecture has no inherent capacity limitations.
  • Operational modes – all operational modes must be activated by DISH Feature Enabling Codes or they will not function.

  • Smartbox Components

    SMARTBOX Components

    The modular design of smartbox, comprising multiple components, provides great configuration and installation flexibility. Please see the illustration above for the location of key components.
  • The chassis replaces all multi-switches, most cables and communicates with the DISH Network Operations Center through the 3G cellular modem.
  • Five large, top-mounted fans pull cool air through the front panel to provide integrated cooling to the system, improving reliability – without the need for an expensive, climate-controlled environment.
  • Four LNB Ports – satellite input (three ports for Eastern Arc or Western Arc and one port for International programming).
  • Four Ethernet Data Ports – the first data port is for user management; the second, third and fourth data ports are for video input (property-generated content) or video output.
  • Cellular Modem Antenna sends signals to the DISH Network Operations Center so DISH and the Retailer may monitor and manage the system in real time.
  • Fully redundant power supply delivers 600 watts of power; energy costs are a fraction of traditional headend systems.
  • Input Blades
  • Output Blades
  • SMARTBOX Modes

    Because different property types have varying programming constraints, smartbox offers the ultimate in flexibility by providing multiple modes which can be enabled simultaneously.

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) modes

    Output modes

    * For qualified business accounts only.


    For additional information about the Smartbox or DISH Property Solutions, contact our Property Solutions Experts.

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